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Loyalty Points

Start collecting for free pizza!

Do you love pizza? What would make you love it even more?? How about if we started giving you FREE PIZZA - just for doing what you already do?! Well... YOU GOT IT!

Loads of you love using our loyalty card, so we thought it was time to let you use it online too. That's why we've launched Loyalty Points.

Here's how to start collecting Loyalty Points for free pizza...

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Just sign in before you purchase. And that's it! We will automatically reward your ordering straight away as per our terms & conditions.

How Loyalty Points works

  • To collect Loyalty Points you need a Aroma Pizza members account
  • Each branch will have a different points balance. the branch you order from will be the one you get a point for
  • To collect Loyalty Points, please remember to sign into your account before you order or you won't get them
  • You will automatically collect 1 Loyalty Point for each online order over £9.99 from your chosen store
  • Once you have signed into your account, you can see how many Loyalty Points you currently have in the "My Offers" area
  • Once you have collected 6 Loyalty Points you can spend them on a FREE PIZZA
  • The FREE PIZZA is any Medium Pizza, extra toppings and stuffed crust will be chargeable
  • You can only order 1 FREE PIZZA at a time
  • You can choose to collect your FREE PIZZA with no further purchase necessary
  • You can choose to have your FREE PIZZA delivered with any order of £9.99 or more

Terms and conditions

  1. Loyalty Points are also referred to as 'points'
  2. Customers must register online at http://www.aromapizza.co.uk to collect Loyalty Points
  3. Points are only awarded to customers who have registered
  4. Each order over £9.99 including at least a 9" pizza qualifies for one point
  5. Only one point will be awarded per individual order
  6. Points are collected electronically - no points will be awarded offline for online purchases
  7. Orders placed prior to registering for Loyalty Points will not receive 'points'
  8. Once the customer has collected 6 points they can claim a FREE Medium Pizza
  9. Cheese crust costs extra
  10. The FREE Medium Pizza can only be claimed online
  11. Upon ordering the FREE Medium Pizza, 6 points will be deducted from the customer's points balance
  12. The FREE Medium Pizza can be collected FREE
  13. If the customer wishes to have the FREE Medium Pizza delivered, they will be required to make the minimum standard order of £9.99, including at least a 9" pizza
  14. There is no requirement to redeem Loyalty Points when the balance reaches 6 points
  15. There is no limit to the number of points that can be collected
  16. Only one FREE Medium Pizza can be redeemed at one time, even if the customer has enough points for multiple FREE Medium Pizzas
  17. Periodically, points may be awarded to customers for taking part in additional Aroma Pizza marketing activities and promotions, these may be communicated to customers via email, Facebook or Twitter
  18. Loyalty Points are not transferable between stores
  19. Loyalty Points may not be collected or spent (redeemed) from any store other than the customer's chosen store
  20. Orders may be placed at any Aroma Pizza store, but the points will only build up for that store
  21. The FREE Medium Pizza can only be claimed during the opening hours of the customer's chosen store
  22. Loyalty Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash
  23. Individual stores reserve the right to withdraw from the Loyalty Points scheme at any time
  24. Loyalty Points collected from a store that withdraws from the Loyalty Points scheme will be lost
  25. Aroma Pizza reserves the right to withdraw the Loyalty Points scheme at any time and without compensation for lost points
  26. Aroma Pizza reserves the right to withdraw points if awarded in error or acquired through false or fraudulent means
  27. The user can check their points balance for every branch at any time from the members area
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